“My life is going to change after this event, Mestre Adamastor! Thank you so much, I thank you on behalf of the Boticário’s Group friends. You are really the Master!”
Marcelo Cunha – Grupo Boticário
“Master, congratulations! We need to have the energy, inspiration, dedication, coletive effort and the champion spirit of Samba School; We have learned a lot with You! We will incorporate this values here, at “FMC”.
Antônio Carlos Zem (President) – FMC
“Master Adamastor and team, congratulations! The emotion is inexplicable, Thank you to give to the BeEight family great happiness moments! Regards!”
Renata Davantel – SixOne
“Master Adamastor, the event were a success! Thank you again for all care and competence from your team! Regards!”
Danieli Rosa – Unimed
“Your action were awesome at “Duke Energy”! Amazing!”
Thiago Iamnhuque – Duke Energy