Master Adamastor’s Company


Inspired by Samba

“The greatest virtue of a master is to awaken a full potential of an individual”

mestre adamastor

Knowledge, skill, experience, charisma and above all, passion for what you do. Gathering all these elements, Reginaldo Tadeu de Souza Batista (codename: Master Adamastor) became a master percussionist of one of the most traditional and successful samba schools in São Paulo – Brazil. From 1995, he started to apply his experience gained in carnival parades on corporative fields becoming one of the most innovative motivational speakers today. His techniques involve leadership, teamwork, resilience and discipline.

The results are convincing! Thousands of people already have experienced his lectures, concerts and dynamics. Some well established Brazilian companies as well as many multinational brands attended to these activities. Master Adamastor’s inspiration goes beyond to motivate the audience with optimistic messages of tenacity and encouragement. His dynamics promotes awareness and focus on results. At every opportunity, he proves that any individual talent can be enhanced in order to overcome barriers and achieve goals.

“Music has power to emerge beyond the words”



Inspired on rhythms, harmony and beauty of Brazilian carnival parades, we work on development of skills and achievements trough this comprehensive playful experience.
We can link elements from carnival’s organization with the actual corporate field such as harmony, discipline, passion and teamwork.


Culture Introduction of fundamentals and organizational principles of the Brazilian Carnival.
Passion Commitment, self awareness and achievements enjoying what you doing.
Overrun Go beyond your limitations to achieve more possibilities.
Innovation Don’t be afraid to change and transform – creativity is the roots.
Engagement Sense of belonging, togetherness and team at organizational competitive environment as well as the atmosphere of fellowship of samba schools.