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“Bom Dia Brasil” Interviews Mestre Adamastor

The TV Journal “Bom Dia Brasil” from TV Globo has done an exclusive interview with Mestre Adamastor. At the subject, the greater television network from Brazil highlighted the importance of Mestre Adamastor’s Work with big companys around Brazil. In those motivational... [+]

Samba School Dynamic (Teaser)

  Trough the concepts that involve a samba school project to the carnival, Mestre Adamastor takes lessons to the corporate environment about teamwork, time administration, passion for what you do and how overcome chalenges in favor to results. This motivational... [+]

Mestre Adamastor’s Interview for Você S/A Magazine

In this interview, Mestre Adamastor tells Márcio Mussarela from blog “Você S/A” how is the Samba School Dynamic, his objectives and how has been his carnival in company history. And how carnival can helps  at the obtainment of goals, overcome... [+]